A Day with Kim

A Day with

Kim Logsdon


I understand you’re a coffee business owner who is passionate about serving your community, employees, and family. However, you’re currently facing challenges in determining the next steps for your business. Your main goals include generating positive cash flow, maximizing profitability, and ensuring that you can prioritize your own financial well-being. You’re seeking guidance to overcome these challenges and achieve a happy, harmonious, and healthy life—a lifestyle that I’ll refer to as a Sensational Lifestyle, as defined by Kim.

To embark on this journey toward profitability and a Zensational Lifestyle, contact us to book a Day with Kim where you will focus on the following:


Define your vision

Begin by clearly defining your vision for your coffee business and what a Zensational Lifestyle means to you. Understand your purpose and the impact you want to make in your community. This clarity will guide your decision-making and help prioritize the most effective actions.


Assess profitability drivers

Evaluate the key drivers of profitability in your coffee business. Identify areas where you can maximize revenue and reduce costs. This might involve analyzing your pricing strategy, streamlining operations, minimizing waste, and optimizing inventory management.


Cash flow management

Focus on effective cash flow management to ensure a healthy financial foundation. Implement strategies such as improving invoicing and payment processes, negotiating favorable terms with suppliers, and managing expenses efficiently. This will help you generate positive cash flow and have the resources to pay yourself first.


Employee engagement and development

Recognize the importance of your employees in delivering exceptional service and building customer loyalty. Foster a positive work environment that values and engages your team members. Provide training and growth opportunities to enhance their skills and motivation. Happy and motivated employees contribute to better customer experiences and ultimately, increased profitability.


Community involvement

Strengthen your connection with the local community by actively participating in events and initiatives. Consider partnerships with local organizations or charities that align with your values. Engaging with your community can enhance your brand reputation and attract loyal customers who appreciate your commitment to giving back.


Seek expert guidance

Consider working with a business consultant or mentor like Kim, who has experience in the coffee industry and understands the unique challenges you face. They can offer personalized strategies, help you identify blind spots, and provide insights on how to navigate the path to profitability more efficiently.


Emphasize self-care and balance

As a business owner, it’s crucial to prioritize your own well-being to sustain long-term success. Take time for self-care, set boundaries, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. By prioritizing your own happiness and health, you’ll be better equipped to lead your business effectively and enjoy the benefits of a Sensational Lifestyle.

Remember, each coffee business is unique, and finding the right solutions for your specific circumstances may require experimentation and adaptation. Stay open to learning, adapt to industry trends, and continuously seek ways to improve both personally and professionally.

By booking a day with Kim, you can gain valuable insights and accelerate your path to profitability. Kim’s expertise and experience will help you navigate the challenges you face and guide you towards achieving the Zensational Lifestyle you desire.

Wishing you success on your journey to profitability and a fulfilling life in the coffee business!

“I believe that everyone, every business owner, deserves to achieve their dream lifestyle.”
~ Kim Logsdon


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