A Rich, 

Full-Bodied Blend

Are you ready to build a life you can savor thanks to its full-bodied flavor? Are you ready to brew the strongest business practices and reap the rewards of the perfect cup?

Maybe you need to put sleepless nights behind you: spend more time with your family and friends and less time in the rough grind of financial complexity. You know something has to change.

Whether you are having trouble executing your business strategy, creating your cash stockpile, or facing a dark, unknown challenge, Kim is here to help you through it.

At Kim Logsdon Financial Consulting, we are dedicated to helping small businesses achieve their dreams and thrive in their communities: one coffee roaster, shop, and cart at a time.

Cash Flow


(aka Profit First)
Create a clear path to stable cash flow and implement Profit First in Your Business.

Dial in your product and services pricing, construct a plan for you to start paying yourself and begin building cash reserves.

Move from Cash SLOW to Cash FLOW in 4 Live Sessions!

Two Hour Kick Off Call, Two 60 Minute Weekly Calls, One 60 Minute Call 4 Weeks Later

Includes Profit First Live Workbook

Start your

Path to Profitability

(aka Profit First and Pumpkin Plan)
Make the most of your cash flow.

Inspect and reflect on your financial performance to project your future business success. Generate financials to help you analyze your cash flow performance, implement strategies to improve operational efficiency and start living your ideal lifestyle as a small business owner.

Go from Cash Flow Chaos to Cash Flow Confidence in 12 Months!

Includes Profit First Live Workbook and Online Pumpkin Plan Module Course
Bi-Weekly 45 Minute Call (Every 2 weeks) with Voxer, Email & Text Support



Kim understands community and builds it by beginning with connection. 

Since strong connections are often made first over a cup of coffee, Kim begins there and offers a variety of solutions to help her clients caffeinate their cash flow. Together, you can brew new business practices for greater profitability.

Kim has a taste for the rich blend of work and life, adventure and enjoyment. She wants that for her clients, too. KLFC offers a variety of solutions to clients brewing new business practices for greater profitability.


Money Makeover

Together, we can accelerate your cash flow and propel you into peace. It’s time to get grounded.

Personal Coaching:

the Zensational Lifestyle™️

With Zensational Lifestyle,™️ you benefit from personal coaching services that empower, inspire, and propel you forward into a more fulfilled life. Our professionals are well-versed in business strategy and financial stability and are ready to help you leverage opportunities to increase your well-being in business and in life.


Profit First

What makes Profit First unique is it is a behaviorally based cash management system.  Instead of regularly digging into financial reports and conducting frequent financial analysis, Profit First enables you to instantly measure your financial health and take action.

Download the first two chapters:

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Pumpkin Plan

Your Biz

In this proprietary Pumpkin Plan program, we take a “deep dive” into planning and hitting your growth and financial goals. We work to grow your revenue and profit by creating a strategy that builds on your greatest strengths and attracts your best clients.

We will explore the obstacles you are facing and plan your growth without working harder and longer hours.

Kim’s goal is to guide you to create the life and business you want – one that is profitable and rewarding.

Download the first two chapters:

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Profit First

Implementation Workbook

Receive a copy of the Profit First Workbook and three 30-minute coaching sessions with Kim via Zoom.

The workbook guides you through the Profit First Assessment, implementing Profit First in your business as well as Discussion of Business Strategies to focus on to Grow Cash Flow and Improve Profitability. During the Coaching Sessions, I will walk you through the Assessment, make suggestions to successfully implement Profit First in your business, and provide up to five strategies to brew up your business.

Profit First workbook
Kim helps her clients solve problems, transform their approach, and embrace the change it takes to pursue a path to profitability.

By helping her clients change their perspectives and find their balance, Kim helps people in the food and beverage space feel healthy and fulfilled both in business and in life.

Kim believes everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy, harmonious life…one of full-bodied balance… so she presses forward, growing and strengthening a bold community connected by coffee.

Kim is touching lives, impacting income, protecting profits, and filtering out what matters so business owners and their families can achieve the Zensational Lifestyle™️ that is just their flavor.


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